Obamacare premiums rise once again for the 2nd year in a row

Bringing healthcare premiums and their costs to a sharp new high. According to government data and statistics released by ( Avalere Healthcare  ),  most of the plans included the very minimalistic bronze have all risen at least 30% ahead of the  1 November open-enrollment period.

Avalere Health reportedly had the daunting task of revealing just how much premiums will rise for the upcoming healthcare season.  Some 34% others as high as 43%, and, some even higher than that.  Avalere (who reported data for at least 39 states). Consumers eligible for low-income credits and those of the like towards their healthcare will be protected from the premium increases.

(The highest Avalere found in premium increases is in fact in Wyoming, whereas, consumers can expect to see a 65% increase in premium costs.).

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