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Kelly Price ‘s sister maintains that she is STILL missing despite reports otherwise

As we reported earlier this week, gospel legend Kelly Price abruptly went missing after a reported stint in the hospital due to COVID-19. Depite reports sutfacing from her supposed agent and lawyer, Kelly 's own sister has continued to maintain that the singer remains missing and she still has not been heard from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIMMFJc0RbU&feature=emb_title
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Disgraced Prince Andrew has conceded that he has been served, will seek extension for response to 29 October

With Prince Andrew, there is no sense of accountability at least not until this present moment. According to reports, Andy has finally conceded that he has been served by Virginia in the sex assault case and Epstein association saga against him. It is a major breakthrough in the case of a man who has hidden behind the walls of Buckingham Palace and his mother Queen Elizabeth II for quite some time. The acknowledgment reportedly came out of Manhattan where his attorneys conceded they had received the documents they had long avoided. It opens a new chapter for one Virginia Giuffre who has long sought to hold the troubled Prince responsible for his alleged crimes against women along with his association to none other than Jeffrey Epstein. The same acknowledgment revealed that Andre...
Astronomy & Space

T.V’s Captain Kirk to go to Space on Blue Origin flight

Like intended the richest of the rich are headed to space and apparently quicker than many probably imagined. According to reports, T.V icon William Shatner, 90, will finally get to go to space on the next Blue Origin flight after having long expressed failed interest to NASA. According to TMZ, Shatner's ticket is probably going to be complimentary simply because he's William Shatner. At age 90, Shatner is poised to become the oldest person ever to step foot into space during the October trip.

Billionaire Elon Musk and Grimes, perhaps the world’s weirdest couple have split up

Musk who himself is known for being pretty odd confirmed this week that he and longtime girlfriend Grimes have broken up. In case you’re wondering who Grimes is, never fear, look for the First Lady on almost any red carpet wearing the weirdest outfit. The couple first began dating in 2018 but it appears distance pushed them apart. A while back Musk moved to Texas while Grimes remained in LA. The twosome has one child together and I kid you not its name is pronounced Ex Ash A Twelve.
U.S Crime

Man allegedly chokes, kicks flight attendant as violence against airline workers continues

One thing is for certain here is that people apparently no longer know how to behave. According to the FBI and multiple reports, yet another person is facing some serious criminal charges after assaulting (and violently at that) a flight attendant this week. Police say that Khalil El Dahr assaulted an attendant; kicked him in the chest, and then proceeded to instruct the pilot to shoot him after the pilot's door had been opened mid-flight. The Daily Beast reports that the attendant was able to "corrall" him although it took at least two attempts; four seat belt extenders, and some help from passengers on the flight to do so. Apparently, he was upset that a call he tried to make mid-flight didn't go through.

A federal arrest warrant has been issued for Brian Laundrie: Reports

Federal officials in Wyoming have confirmed that along with the FBI an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie has been issued. According to officials, Laundrie apart from being suspected of having a role in her death also used her credit cards after she disappeared. This particular warrant is not yet for her death which has been ruled a homicide. Investigators have not been able to locate him for proper questioning. Massive searches are still underway in a Florida nature like reserve in a bid to find him. "While this arrest warrant allows law enforcement to arrest Mr. Laundrie, the FBI and our partners across the country continue to investigate the facts and circumstances of Ms. Petito's homicide," FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider said in a statement posted on Twitter. ...
Missing Persons

AZ police are finally asking for help in the disappearance of Daniel Robinson

Following the outrage that white Americans get far more attention when they go missing --- police in multiple jurisdictions are stepping up their investigations into other missing person reports. One of those is that of Daniel Robinson who is understood to have disappeared over the summer while in a remote area working. Robinson according to our U.S sister site Bazaar Weekly is a young geologist who was at the time studying remote areas for fascinating finds. Courtesy Robinson Family. In the case of Robinson his car; phone, and wallet were all found in July according to multiple reports a few miles from where he was believed to be last seen. Though all of those things were found he never was. Anyone with information about his whereabouts or who may have seen him over the ...
Streamer Omni In A Hellcat  to stand trial for his sophisticated copyright crimes

Streamer Omni In A Hellcat to stand trial for his sophisticated copyright crimes

Known as Omni In A Hellcat (thanks to his apparent collection of well former collection of luxe cars) Hellcat is now facing more than 514 years in prison for his copyright crimes spanning several years. According to a 64-page indictment against the Youtuber, the U.S government claims that he has been pirating content from T.V services for several years and repurposing them on his own streaming network. Youtube Bill Omar Carrasquillo, 34 which is his real name first began allegedly stealing content back in 2016 according to the indictment. Since then he has uploaded dozens if not hundreds of stolen movies; T.V shows, and other content pieces that he got from the likes of Comcast; Verizon, and other large American cable providers. Omar 's lawyers however maintain that what he ...

This high profile former def secretary just testified against Elizabeth Holmes bringing a dramatic twist to her case

Fraudster Elizabeth Holmes' trial has been nothing short of made for T.V so far. This week in the 6th day of her trial, former U.S Sec of Defense James Mattis testified that Holmes openly misled him about the successes of her blood testing machines. Mattis himself testified during the hearing that he had hoped that her machines would be useful within the military and had even considered widely using them once fully approved. Alike many others Mattis became disillusioned with Holmes about a year or so after formally joining Theranos in a leadership tyle role. But in 2013, he had actually gone as far as to join the board whereas he earned upwards of $150,000 a year (though ended up doing such for free under the belief that her products actually worked.) "There became a point where...

Kim Kardashian is set to host SNL

In what may be one of the most shocking choices for SNL --- reality T.V star Kim Kardashian West is set to host the weekend hit. According to social media, the decision has apparently been in place for some time although was only recently announced by Kardashian herself. "OMFG no turning back now!!!!," Kardashian West tweeted Wednesday, per NBC News. Some celebrities were baffled by the choice. Debra Messing. "Why Kim Kardashian? I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch," she tweeted. "Am I missing something?"

Alaska’s COVID-19 problem is getting really really bad

Alaska is now recording what is understood to be the highest per capita COVID problem in the US (with Florida trailing closely behind.) As a result of such, the state has reportedly begun rationing emergency medical care because its hospitals are simply strapped. Dr Anne Zink the state’s top doctor made the announcement in a troubled livestream. During that livestream, many claimed that Alaska was lying about its own COVID situation though many are already dying. Since the state began rationing care —- at least two have died while either waiting for a bed or not receiving the usual expected level of hospital care. A new rule added has granted limited liability protections against providers who have been forced to make the extremely tough decisions.

American athletes must be vaccinated if they want to participate in the 2022 Olympics

Which could be a huge complication considering Americans are struggling with vaccinations and vaccination rates. According to the Olympic committee, all U.S athletes must be vaccinated by 2022 if they want to take part in the next games. It comes after only about 80% of athletes had gotten vaccinated during the last formal Olympic arena. America is expected to send around 240 athletes to the games next year.

Legendary singer Kelly Price is missing, here’s what you need to know right now

American R&B singer Kelly Price has gone missing. According to reports; a hospital memo, and the national crime information centre in the U.S she disappeared in Georgia sometime around the 18th. According to what we've learned, Price was diagnosed with COVID-19 in July though had been moved to intensive care recently. From there the story gets pretty murky as it is unclear exactly how she ended up discharged while she was still believed to be ill. “I found out today I have COVID,” Price wrote on Instagram on July 29. “I am COVID Positive. I’m following Dr’s orders. I’m quarantined. Feeling really drained. Splitting headache… I’m grateful and expecting to have a full recovery.” Kelly's reported boyfriend apparently isn't cooperating with police though no foul ...

BREAKING: Remains found in Wyoming ARE that of Gabby Petito, missing persons is now a homicide case

Police officials along with coroners office officials have confirmed as of today that Petito’s body has fully been identified. According to reports, the cause of death has been ruled a homicide with prime suspect Mr Laundrie still at large. The FBI now says that further inspections of Laundrie’s life are well underway. Hours ago 911 audio was released online which confirmed suspicions that Laundrie had assaulted Petito before she disappeared. It is not yet known exactly what happened or how she died only the manner of death which is homicide. That dispute reportedly happened while they were on their way towards the national park in the area.
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What does a rogue casino look like?

Over the last few decades there have been many legislative advances made by governments around the world when it comes to gambling, and a great example of this is with the UK Gambling Act 2005, where the UK Gambling Commission was formed.  Rogue casinos are dangerous because they can pose a very real financial risk to gamblers operating on the platform. But here’s the thing: what do they look like? Keep reading for a background on how to spot rogue casinos or check out top titles found at Cozino.  Rogue casinos: Common things to look out for  Luckily because of all the legal framework in place these days it is fairly difficult for a rogue casino to masquerade as a legitimate casino for too long. There are lots of rules in place, you see, and it can be quite obvious...
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No Deposit Bingo: Is it legal in the UK in 2021?

No Deposit Bingo, a term that refers to the free bingo credits that a player receives after signing up for a new account on a bingo platform such as Barbadosbingo.com and before making a deposit. These bingo credits can later be used to access the free bingo games on that particular platform. Almost all prominent online bingo brands offer these free credits to attract more players to their platform. So the question that arises here is whether it is legal to use free games to lure players towards gambling, especially in the UK, where the gambling laws are stringent. And secondly, is it legal to utilize these free credits by the players? Well, the answer to both the aforecited questions is yes; it is entirely legal to offer and use the No Deposit bingo credits. What Makes No De...
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