Harvey Weinstein to lose British CBE, France’s highest civilian honour: Reports

In this 22 Feb 2015 photo, Harvey Weinstein arrives at the annual Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater.

This is a Daily News special report from Paris.   The Daily News has confirmed with French President Emmanuel Macron, that,  they are investigating how they can legally remove  Weinstein’s  Legion distinction. Furthermore,  we have confirmed with the British Honour System that they’re also independently trying to discover how to legally remove  Weinstein’s CBE (Commander of The British Empire, one level below a Knighthood).

First up, French authorities confirmed that they are indeed trying to do such. In statements to The Daily News,   French authorities  say that “We are disgraced by the allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, and, therefore, are seeking to strip him of his Legion distinction.  His actions do not align with those of France”.

In other news,    officials in London now say that the Honour System is gearing up to strip Weinstein of his CBE all together. Pressure mounted after allegations against Weinstein piled up, but, ultimately the final decision to remove the honour comes from Queen Elizabeth herself.

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