2nd woman accuses George W. Bush of lewd activities

Sexual misdeeds whether full blown or not, apparently, have other intended targets to ruin that aren’t Harvey Weinstein.  According to The Washington Post, former US President George W. Bush has been accused of sexual harassment and assault a second time.  Per the Post, actress Heather Lind has come forth revealing that in 2016 she was innapropriately touched after a production of a Notre Drame play.

“He reached his hand around to my behind, and, as the others around us were talking, I could feel him going further and further”.  This, per Lind, is where  Bush apparently  claimed that the best magician, uh, is “David-Cop-a-Feel”.  Meanwhile, reps for the former President claimed in their initial  statements on the matter (before the forced apology) that  due to Bush being confined to a wheelchair,  he,  only comes up halfway on most people when he takes photographs.


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