Sean Penn is trying to stop Netflix’s new documentary on El Chapo

Actor Sean Penn is pictured.
Actor Sean Penn is pictured.

There’s a damning new documentary about  famed drug lord El Chapo on its way to the United States,  and,  Sean Penn isn’t happy about it. For those that don’t remember,  Kate De Castillo and Penn famously and notoriously (and quite possibly, illegally) met with El Chapo in 2015.

The meeting reportedly took place secretly in Mexico, and, would later go on to birth that now infamous Rolling Stone article  which Penn claims “was a large failure”. But now,  The Day I Met El Chapo  is coming to Netflix, a documentary, that chronicles (in 3 parts or less) how the meeting came to be and the backlash that came with it.

So, what’s the problem? In letters obtained by The New York Times, Penn, claims that if the documentary airs “grave harm will come to his persons” because he fears that Chapo’s associates may come after him.  Netflix, however, denies such that they’ve included anything that would trigger such — and — as of this writing — have no intention of halting the documentary.

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