Government in Malta had private citizen killed over corruption revelations

MALTA —  Disturbing news today in Malta,  as government officials are fiercely denying any wrongdoing in the sudden death of a particular Maltese blogger that exposed corruption at the highest of levels.  According to reports, Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, was driving on the island of Malta near her home when her car exploded shortly after 3pm.

Additional reports on the matter indicate that this appears to have been a planned murder, because, Galizia had published news of several death threats online just days ago.  Citizens are concerned that Galizia was killed after exposing literal and financial corruption at the highest levels of Maltese government.

Her blog centered often around Panama Papers and how they came to reveal  how the world’s rich and powerful hid and laundered their money.  In her own country, that surrounded  around Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.  Muscat, in statements to The Daily News, maintains that he has never done such a thing — but Galizia did indeed discover he funneled and received money from the ruling family of Azerbaijan.

The same fact was heavily noted in the Panama Papers.  To prevent the Maltese government from  ordering her blog closed,   The Daily News, will publish excerpts from Galizia’s blog.

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