MP’s move to block Theresa May ‘s dangerous “No Deal” Brexit plan

LONDON — With Brexit still an extremely hot talking point in the U.K, several former and current powerful MP’s are pushing new legislation to make it almost impossible for the U.K to leave the bloc without a proper plan.

According to the “super group’,  which consists of former Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke (along with several former and current prominent MP’s)   their main goal here is to make it almost impossible for Theresa May to green-light any form of an exit from the EU on the U.K’s behalf without a tangible deal on the table.

The discussions over a potential deal have been strong in recent weeks, as, many fear that leaving the bloc without a deal fit for the economy would spell doom for the British and those in the region.   What’s fairly concerning about Theresa May’s “hard brexit” hopes is that her government has largely failed to cooperate with  Brussels over any sort of imminent negotiations.  This, perhaps, is where the hopes of a “Soft Brexit” come into play by the Tories and fellow conservatives.

The mega push for a super bill to prevent a hard Brexit, perhaps, comes after Prime Minister May announced that  she was aware that her government was spending upwards of £250m  for preparations for a hard Brexit because (Brussels wasn’t cooperating).  Sources inside the bloc, ehum, say such isn’t the case.

“PM May is attempting to spearhead her own version of Brexit, while, not actually cooperating with many people of her own party or those around her.  They determined long ago that a hard Brexit would be pretty bad for the United Kingdom, and, have attempted to do everything to prevent such. Everybody knows it’s going to be a catastrophe”.

Meanwhile,  if the super-bill were to pass that would essentially curb any “Hard Brexit” negotiations or hopes that May has put together. It would ultimately give the group of powerful MP’s and ministers the ability to veto any “hard brexit” pieces of legislation that they feel don’t actually include anything beneficial to Britain or the United Kingdom as a whole.

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A Labour MP who preferred to remain anonymous tells The Daily News that “It is clear that May has no interest in  the opinions of others.  This is the most concerning part, because, a crash landing out of the EU without a beneficial deal would pretty much spell the end of the United Kingdom’s economy”.


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