Report: NBC tried to cover up Ronan Farrow ‘s story on Harvey Weinstein

The brouhaha over  Harvey Weinstein continues.  According to reports published Wednesday evening,  Ronan Farrow (one of the reporters behind the original story on Weinstein’s lewd behavior)  was “blocked” by NBC executives  because “they tried to tell him he didn’t have enough information to continue reporting”.

The Huffington Post got their  hands on several pieces of key information that indicate that NBC News executives were well aware of the story, and, that Farrow had proven it credible. But, despite such, ordered that without a doubt he cease trying to report on it.  This, perhaps, is how the story actually ended up in the hands of The New Yorker according to The Post.

Interestingly, during an apparent NBC News town hall Wednesday  network suits tried to claim that the “story was dead long ago, and, we would never try to cover up for a powerful person”. But, it was never dead.   That became evident when it spiraled into blockbuster status as a news headline the very moment it hit the front-page of The New Yorker.

In case it couldn’t get worse, The New Yorker (known for its extensive vetting process) saw no apparent “conflict of interest”  with Farrow proceeding with the story all together.   It’s worth mentioning this, because, NBC  execs (“backed out of the story because Weinstein tried to hit them with an alleged “conflict of interest” claim. A claim, uh, that was made  because Weinstein stood by the claim that he helped revive the career of Woody Allen, also,   Farrow’s father..).

NBC’s Farrow first got his hands on the story in January, when, he obtained bombshell information and an on-camera interview with Rose McGowan.  McGowan,   was sexually assaulted by  Weinstein in 1997. That same year, she, would later settle her claim with Weinstein for $100,000.    Although,  sometime around early March, Weinstein would issue more than half-a-dozen threats to  McGowan who would later withdraw her permission for said interview to even air.

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It all reportedly goes back to the fact that NBC knew of the threats, and, cowered to Weinstein.   A man who has a long and extensive history of abusing his power, and, even paying off others to remain quiet.

It’s also worth noting the extent in which NBC execs tried to get Farrow to go before they would allow him to run his story.  Despite the mounting evidence,  execs “used their editorial muscle to force Farrow to send the story through numerous persons including an exec at Comcast” before the story would ever see the light of day.  Now, this part here,  enters an entire gray area as Comcast itself has never actually had any sort of dealings in the news stories that actually appear on NBC News (let alone

Despite the fact that Farrow had confirmed and viable audio tapes of Weinstein assaulting Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez — they denied him the chance to go public with the story.  A denial that is sure to follow the network as their credibility continues to be questioned for a multitude of reasons.

NBC’s refusal to publish groundbreaking stories on the true events, including this one, are eerily similar to its past.   NBC declined to comment when contacted by The Daily News.  Although several inside sources tell The Daily News that “There are a number of editors who are now questioning whether or not it is within their own ethical standards as journalists to remain on board with NBC News”.



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