Is this the most offensive letter, ever?

Concerning trouble in Pennsylvania this evening. According to local township police, a daycare usually staunch with happy kids;  great workers,  and smiles has been plagued by racist letters.    The daycare,  apparently received a total of 2 letters demanding that a black female worker be fired.

Interestingly, that daycare has now chosen to publicly name itself according to police reports obtained by The Daily News.    Police reports name the daycare as the Bridge 2 Learning Center, a center,  not quite used to racially charged incidents such as this one.   Police in the area are seeking answers as to who wrote the letter, as,  they will face ethnic intimidation charges and harassment charges.

Officials at the Bridge 2  Learning Center say that they received a total of two letters.  In those original letters,    the  anonymous  writer demanded that the school  fire one of their workers for no other reason than the fact she is black.  They do not apparently believe that it was a parent who wrote the offensive letter. Officials did confirm that they also will be seeking  full prosecution against the person who wrote the letter.

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