Profile: The Las Vegas Terrorist, Stephen Paddock, 64

We’re calling it like it is: domestic terrorism.   Stephen Paddock, 64,  has been identified as the man who shot up Las Vegas over the weekend killing more than 50 people and injuring more than 500.  Paddock (was killed on the scene) per authorities, but, also reportedly had a history of psychiatric illnesses in his family and his father was a known criminal to the FBI.

So here’s what we know:

  • Paddock had apparently checked into the hotel of the Mandalay Bay Casino days before the mass shooting.
  • Cops still aren’t quite sure what caused or may have been the motivation behind the massacre.
  • The Las Vegas Terror Attack is now the deadliest of its kind in US history, trumping that of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre last year.
  • As of this writing, we’re told the death count is believed to be at least 50 per local hospital officials.  More deaths are expected as a wide number of people have life-threatening injuries.
  • Donald Trump has already condemned the act as an “act of evil” but refused to label Paddock what he is: a domestic terrorist.

The massacre has chalked up the discussion of gun control once more.  Something, that, has long plagued America and has caused a great divide.    Supporters of gun control are continuing to argue that certain people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns while those against gun control don’t seem to care that much about what may be wrong with someone, guns guns and more guns.

Here’s what we found out while on the phone for this report:

  • Paddock reportedly lived in Mesquite about 80 miles north of Las Vegas.   Police in Mesquite confirmed that they had no record of any criminal history for Paddock beyond a minor traffic violation.
  • Paddock reportedly lived in an upscale retirement community complete with an 18-hole golf course (no, really!).
  • His brother,  who lives near Orlando Florida (there’s a sense of irony here) tells the Sentinel “We had no idea this was going to happen”.
  • Originally it was thought that there were two shooters, although, the perceived second “shooter” has been cleared of any wrong doing. That person has been identified as 62-year-old Marilou Danley.  Danley,  reportedly allowed Paddock to check into the hotel with her I.D days before the shooting.
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Public records searches on Paddock revealed that he owned quite a few planes; often  ventured off into Alaska (and other remote areas in that particular region),  and held a license to fly.    Meanwhile,   police sources reportedly confirmed to numerous outlets that Paddock apparently “had more than 10 guns in his hotel room” when they finally got into the room.  Searches of his residence(s) are underway Monday evening.



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