Hot This Week: Wendy Williams’ husband caught in cheating scandal

Sending the internet into one big ironic gasp.  Apparently,  Kevin Hunter has been cheating on Wendy for at least the past 10 years.  A feat, that uh, everybody kind of already knew — and we’re going to guess Wendy has known this entire time.

The People’s Station reports that the rumors involve a woman by the name of Sharina, someone, who Kevin has apparently and allegedly known for many years.   This  has already been denied by William’s herself, however, photographs then surfaced of Hunter actually with Sharina personally.

“If there was hype, I’d definitely let you know. All is fine in Hunter-ville” the 53-year-old talk show titan said on this week’s episode.    Meanwhile,  other reports are claiming back at home that William’s is “furious that Kevin’s secret got out and is now demanding that it stop”.

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