Rumor Report: Hurricane Irma Aftermath, Florida, and “Food Stamps”

Facebook is the birth place of many things, including, uh, the aforementioned fake news. And in this case, Facebook, actually birthed partially true news.  Earlier this week,   a Facebook post emerged online that claimed people that were in the midst of Irma could get ‘free food stamps”.

Not so fast. While there’s an element of truth here,  this, isn’t quite as it seems.  Florida officials tell The Daily News that “people sort of misunderstood” what that meant.

So let’s break it down.  People who already get snap in Florida (snap is what Food Stamps are called)   will get them as normal.   However, if a federal government request by Florida to activate something called ‘”Disaster Snap” goes through, people, will actually get assistance with food despite never having got food stamps before.

Officials say that if the request to the government is approved,  no requirement for ‘minimum time without power’ will be set.   Further details are pending per the request to the government.

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