Jerome Nisbett sacked by attorneys in fake civil rights lawsuit

Nisbett is pictured in 2017.
Nisbett is pictured in 2017.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The Daily News has confirmed that Jerome Nisbett ‘s attorney(s) in his fake employment discrimination lawsuit have ceased legal representation.  On the morning of 6 September,   we confirmed by phone calls  that representation was no longer being offered to Jerome Nisbett.

The news comes after we held secret phone calls with one of Nisbett’s attorneys on the case, who,  confirmed to us at the time that he had his suspicions that the case was fake.  After the phone call,  it appears that he kept true to his concern and filed for release from the case.  In whole, the entire law firm has dropped Jerome Nisbett.

We have also provided this information to Brown Security and their attorneys, whom, we are working with almost daily to provide them extensive information on Jerome Nisbett.

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