EXCLUSIVE: Blac Chyna claimed domestic violence in court documents

Court documents in the Blac Chyna + Kardashian legal drama have made their way into our newsroom.  In documents exclusively obtained by The Daily News, Chyna, “has claimed domestic violence on numerous occasions, most recently, in June and April”.

Most notably,  two documents claim that Kardashian abused Chyna and “physically assaulted” her in front of her son King, whom she had with rapper Tyga.    Chyna claimed in those particular documents that Kardashian grew “angry and irritated” with her when she tried to phone Tyga for purposes that remain unknown.

“He grabbed my phone and threw it. He punched me in the side of my stomach and I landed on my knees. I had trouble walking for quite some time” reads a statement from Chyna in the documents.  Sources close to the Kardashian family absolutely deny the claim citing “Rob has never hurt anybody, definitely not in this kind of sense”.

Further into the documents, Chyna, claims that  Kardashian “frequently abused her” in front of their children.   This tid-bit here, perhaps, is what allegedly caused at least two CPS visits to the Kardashian-Chyna compound. Chyna ‘s camp reportedly denies that CPS ever visited the family, although, alike previous reports neighbors confirmed to The Daily News that Children Protective Services has visited at least twice since early June.

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