We’ve chosen to publish classified government information

While that was widely reported, the details discussed, perhaps weren’t.    A Trump aide who has asked to remain anonymous met with one of our Senior Editors last night in the Capitol to discuss the hot-button meeting that took place between Donald Trump and Russia.

“He did discuss the laptop ban”  the aide tells The Daily News.  “He seemed abnormal while talking to the Russians, because, one would imagine that he knew there would be push back if this got out” the aide continued.

When asked about the specifics, the aide, confirmed t he details that other outlets have been asked not to publish.

What you’re about to read has been deemed classified information by the United States government.  The U.S government has asked media outlets everywhere not to publish this information out of fear that an ally may feel like a target. 

That ally, being Saudi Arabia.   As one of the U.S’s biggest allies and perceived central hubs of terrorism (also the home of the 9/11 attackers)  the laptop ban came into place for the following countries: Saudi Arabia,  Jordan,  Yemen,  Iraq, Iran, and Egypt.   Specifically, the ally mentioned in the meeting (Saudi Arabia)  is perhaps a hot-topic among the ban because it is believed that Saudi Arabia is an ally of Syria.

The Trump Administration feels that the next major terror attack in the U.S would take place using laptops and explosive devices from some of these countries.   Over the years, laptops and explosives have become a popular use for terrorists worldwide.

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