This week is a big week for Donald Trump, but, not in the world of presidential accomplishments.  The New York Times unmasked a political bombshell last night that indicated that memos from James Comey, paint, a very dark picture of Donald Trump.

Those memos, purportedly, showed that Donald Trump as President of the United States asked  James Comey end the investigation into Trump ‘s former official Michael Flynn.  That investigation, perhaps, is one of the first focal points that began Trump ‘s investigation into his Russian ties.

In the memo,  Trump, the day after he met with Comey during the whole Flynn-firing-showcase  that Trump ‘s exact comments were “I hope you can let this go”.  Politicians across the spectrum were quick to jump on the news of the memo, citing, that if it actually exists it must be seen on the hill.

Meanwhile, the dollar and stocks took a nosedive after the news amid concerns that Trump is treading “in very treasonous territory similar to Nixon” according to one major stock buyer who preferred to remain anonymous in Washington D.C.


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