Man follows visa rules, man, gets detained by US border officials

You’d think following visa rules for years would be an easy thing for most people, and, for one  Australian man the job wasn’t that difficult.  Until, uh, he had reached his agreed six months mark on when he’d have to go on a non-American adventure to keep his visa active.

Baxter Reid has been in America on a five year visa on a single stipulation: every six months he go on vacation somewhere for a brief period of time to keep the visa active.  As usual, he would often escape to strange destinations with his American girlfriend. This time, uh,   they decided to go to Canada, but,  the adventure this time turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.

Canadian officials apparently stopped Reid at the border after he had a bout of car trouble on his way to immigration.   Officials didn’t and wouldn’t immediately confirm as to why Reid was stopped, but, because he was he eventually found himself turned away by immigration and later arrested by American authorities.

When questioned by The Daily News, authorities would only disclose that Reid was arrested for all of 90 minutes over his visa expiration (which only expired by literally minutes).   He reportedly remains in jail, and, is expected to spend a few weeks waiting for a immigration attorney.

Meanwhile, a Go Fund Me page has reportedly been setup to help Reid get an immigration lawyer.  That page, has, now raised upwards of $8,000.

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