Autopsy reveals Putin aide was murdered: Report

WASHINGTON, D.C —   The mysterious death of a Russian official last fall in Washington, er, sounded like something out of a crime novel  fit for television — but — now it appears more to the story has been revealed. Per an autopsy picked up by Daily News Online, Mikhail Lesin, did not die of natural causes per the report.

Initially, it had been claimed that Lesin had died of natural causes during his stay in Washington.  Formerly a Kremlin press minister, it has been ruled that  his death “was no accident” and “of no natural kind”. Police in Washington refused to confirm nor deny reports indicating that  Lesin had been viciously and savagely attacked in all areas of his persons.

(In other news.. some US lawmakers are curious to know how Lesin amassed a fortune that amounted to nearly $30m in US real estate).

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