The UK just declared Vladamir Putin a mass killer

And no that wasn’t some concocted headline we were paid for by some right wing spy agency hiding out in London.  A UK judge has reportedly declared Vladamir Putin a killer, subsequently, freezing the assets and travel means of two top Russian officials — amid claims that Putin and his squad are responsible for the lethal poisoning of a former KGB operative.

The judge in the case claims that Alexander Litvinenko’s death must be ruled a murder, and that,  Putin and two of his own modern operatives were responsible for fatally poisoning Litvinenko’s green tea in 2006.  Court documents claim that Putin had ‘Litvinenko fatally poisoned inside of a London hotel after it was alleged that he may have betrayed the KGB to work for British intelligence’.

The outcome, perhaps, has led to an internal investigation into how Litvinenko actually died.  Charges against Putin at this time seem unlikely, but, aren’t entirely ruled out.

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