Russia ‘s anti swearing campaign just took a dark new turn

Russia has been known to be, er, the land of the oppressed and the less than stellar records of human rights — and — a new report on prison rules in the country’s  detention  centers isn’t helping that stigma. According to an Interfax Report picked up by the New York Times,  Russian officials have launched an “Anti-Swearing” campaign within the country’s top prison and detention centers in an effort to “curb abusive language” in the centers all together.

Per the report, officials feel that the language that has recently boomed in “prison life” known as “Fenya” isn’t fit for prison because it is simply “Not the Russian Way” and far to offensive for President Putin.  The new rules come into play for pretrial detention centers, whereas,  inmates often live in large groups in community like areas.

Via The New York Times

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