North Korea could declare NUCLEAR WAR says former British Ambassador to pariah state

PYONGYANG —  Known as the Pariah state of the world, North Korea, is in the headlines this week after it emerged that previous reports that indicated the country was in possession of a hydro-bomb may actually be … true.   Officials in country’s like China are “deeply worried” about Kim Jong Un being in the possession of such a bomb, mostly, because it could “cause catastrophic damage” throughout most of Asia if it gets set off.

The news comes after weeks of speculation that Kim Jong Un illegally developed the H-Bomb, which, most are wondering how he managed to smuggle such materials for such a bomb inside the hermit nation that’s pretty much been wrangled by sanctions globally.

Experts and global analysts aren’t quite sure though. Experts claim that the reported explosion that rattled parts of North Korea and “surrounding areas” wasn’t quite large enough to have actually been a hydrogen bomb. Although, Kim Jong Un sticks by his claim that it was indeed a “mini hydrogen bomb”.   Worldly officials are apparently convening this week amid fears that the bomb indeed exists, and the existential “threat it poses to the outside world”.

Taepodong-2, a weapon developed by Un’s military, (top right) has a range of 3,700 miles.  With such weaponry, and the perceived possession of a hydrogen bomb,   North Korea has the “potential and the possibility” of declaring nuclear  war with its western and regional allies.  “The possibility isn’t that far off” says  John Edward former British ambassador to the hermit nation.

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