Suzanne Somers in hot water after joking about spousal rape on national television

Suzanne Somers has been “happily married” for over 40 years to her husband, 81, but uh there may be more to the story. In an interview  with Megyn Kelly on her NBC show,  the television legend  appeared to suggest that there was nothing wrong with her husband trying to have sex with her while she was unconscious and asleep.

Interestingly, Kelly, didn’t appear to  be in shock over the suggestion that Somer’s husband Alan  assaults her while she is asleep. The notion apparently came from an excerpt of her book, where, she claimed that she and her husband have ‘a very active and interesting sex life even after 40 years. And sometimes, I’m not even awake for it”.

Somers,  defended the comments during the show (meanwhile, even the audience appeared to laugh).   She during the broadcast, appeared, to suggest that she  “had no problem with her husband s sexually suggestive advances even while she is asleep” even though it is clearly a violation of her trust and sexual assault.

Share with us your thoughts below.  Is Suzanne in the wrong for suggesting her husband isn’t wrong for  having sex with her while she is asleep?


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