4 Things You Never Really Knew About Your Butt

Our butts are probably the thing we look most at, especially as gay men and women.  (Sorry boys!).    We rounded up an NYC  sex expert to talk about 8 rather amusing things people often don’t know about their perky butt.   The  following article contains references and information that may not be suitable for all audiences.

  1.  Drinking booze out of your butt is apparently a thing, and, it shouldn’t be.

For whatever reason, people are suddenly drinking booze like they’re going out of style — except — doing it from their butt.     Let’s be frank folks,   one shouldn’t do this in the first place anyway — apart from that — you’re asking for one hell of a drunken stupor afterwards.  Your butt doesn’t have the stomach or liver lining that alcohol needs to be less toxic, once, it actually hits places like your stomach. Without it, you’re likely to get drunk twice as fast, and, the ending result isn’t going to be to friendly.    If it didn’t start in your stomach,  it isn’t going to release itself from your body from your stomach.

Think about that one ladies and gentlemen.

2.  Your butt is one super-duper-strong muscle.

Some of us  in different sizes than others, have,  heavier upper bodies.  So, one shouldn’t be all that surprised  to know that your butt is actually the strongest muscle in your body.   It is on a daily basis, forced, to hold up your upper body and your head among other things.

3.  You probably will always have a bigger butt than your man (this is for the ladies).

Ladies, your estrogen actually tells your fat to go to your butt — meanwhile men’s bodies tells their fat to go to their stomach.   So for the duration of your relationship, you, uh, may actually always have the bigger butt no matter who puts the weight on.

4. Turns out,  your boyfriend obsession with your butt has a really weird definition.

You know, in case you want to be mr/mrs-know-it-all this is a word you can work into your vocabulary. 

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