How Botox came to depend on a super deadly drug that could kill millions

It may seem like something out of a really weirdly written Jason Bourne movie, but, for one Irvine lab it is actually a really weird reality.  At the Irvine lab,  it is so shrouded in mystery and heavily armed equipment (and even people) one would probably fear even coming within a mile radius of it.

Botox currently has an empire value at nearly $3.1b.

So, what’s the deal?  The Irvine based lab for the Botox empire contains a so-far-deadly toxin that if it were released it could cause grave consequences for humanity.  Experts say, the toxin, (“Clostridium botulinum’) sits behind the walls of the heavily guarded Botox facility.  The toxin, if ingested by humans, could almost instantly result in millions of deaths.

If the toxin were ingested by humans, humans, would almost instantly suffocate followed by instantaneous death.

So, how is it contained? As reported by Bloomberg,  the U.S government and the toxin’s owner Allergan have shrouded the facility so far in secrecy in hopes that it would detract the wrong kinds of people from ever attempting to hijack the drug. All shipments; arrivals, and departures of anything that has come in contact with the toxin are done only at random times.

Because of its secrecy,  Allergan currently has a 90% in the market of deadly toxins and chemicals. 

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