Commerce Secretary has secret offshore ties to Russia: Investigation

Despite claims previously that he didn’t, Wilbur Ross, apparently has multiple offshore connections to a business that does direct business with the son-in-law of Vladamir Putin.   The AP notes that the company, perhaps, has been identified as Navigator Holdings.    The company was previously largely owned by  Putin’s son-in-law Kirill Shamalov who now owns a much smaller stake in the company than before.

The documents were apparently uncovered by the International Consortium of Journalists, who,  actually discovered probably much more than they bargained for.  Ross,  primarily being in charge of shipping and commerce on both a US domestic and international front — would have had immense access and influence to favor Russia given his position.

The company reportedly has ties to Sibur, a top gas and oil subsidiary in Russia that does direct business with the Kremlin and many of its allies.  A spokesperson for Ross told several outlets that “Ross has since withdrawn his participation from discussions related to international shipping and the like. He has maintained the highest of ethical standards”.

The same documents revealed that it appears he owns at least $10.1m worth of stake in Navigator Holdings.

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