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Trump is trying to entirely bully the NFL into forcing its players to stand or else

And that’s coming directly from the NFL and a new report from The Wall Street Journal. According to the report,  NFL “owners” (the bizarre use of that word makes it seem like these players aren’t actually humans, but, rather pawns for these people)  are scheduled to meet next week to decide on how to handle the controversial protests.

Apparently the meetings come as Trump refuses to back down on his comments about NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem. When in fact, Trump,  continue  to violate several laws and ethics rules that state a person in public office specifically the President of the United States may not use his office to influence or overtake a private entity.

But the meeting is set to continue.  NFL commissioner Roger reportedly told news outlets today that “we believe everybody has their rights, however,  the fans and those who watch our games expect us to stand for the national anthem”.

No word on exactly how that may actually go down.

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