Holly BoBo’s killer has learned her fate

Killer Zach Adams is pictured.
Killer Zach Adams is pictured.

Bad news for the man responsible for the 2011 grisly murder of Holly BoBo (who wasn’t actually found in the wooded area near her parents home until 2014…). In 2011,  BoBo was seen walking into the woods near her parents home with a then unidentified male (that would later come to be identified as Zach Adams).

She was twenty and a nursing student when she was killed according to court documents.

On Saturday, Adams  was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was charged  with rape; murder, and aggravated kidnapping.   The conviction came after he reportedly accepted a plea deal hours before that took the death penalty off of the table.

In addition to the life  sentence, he, received two consecutive additional 25 year sentence(s) for the kidnapping and rape of Holly BoBo apart from her murder.

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