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Trump went as far as to ask if Sheriff’s case could be dropped

Apparently the pardoning of America’s favorite racist cop isn’t the first time Trump has tried to dabble in the controversial case. For those that aren’t fully up to speed yet, let’s go back a bit.  A few years ago, Sheriff Joe Arpaio ‘s actions as a law enforcement office came under national criticism in the United States. At the time, Arpaio sentenced (illegally)  Latinos and minorities who he thought were in the US illegally to what has since been dubbed the “tent prison”.

With no evidence at the time, Arpaio virtually arrested every Latino and minority he saw and threw them in illegal tents. Subjecting them to Arizona’s extreme heat; with no water, food, or adequate shelter.   He denied ever having broke the law, citing, that he was “simply enforcing America’s immigration laws”. Former President Barack Obama wasn’t having it, and, Arpaio was later convicted on some pretty serious charges.

Donald Trump, uh, has now pardoned the troubled former sheriff despite the fact that Arpaio knowingly broke the law.  Now, it has been revealed by The Washington Post that Trump reportedly wanted to “have the case entirely dropped” against the former Sheriff, and attempted such, during private discussions with AG Jeff Sessions.   The Post’s damning report notes that Sessions’ denied the chance that it would get dropped after citing that “that may be considered wrong, and, we cannot do that”.


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