Grisly discovery in case of missing Swedish Journalist Kim Wall

Swedish journalist Kim Wall, is pictured.
Swedish journalist Kim Wall, is pictured.

In what just may be one of the most horrifying headlines I’ve ever written, I, am saddened to inform our readers that Kim Wall (a beloved journalist known across the world for her extraordinary work) has been found dismembered and dead.  Swedish authorities confirmed to The Daily News that Wall’s torso was found in the ocean where Mr. Peter’s ship resurfaced, but, she had no head; arms, or anything other than just her torso.

Here’s where it gets interesting.   Swedish police tell The Daily News that they discovered her torso after it apparently washed ashore. But, police also disclosed that when they found the torso – it – appeared that someone had deliberately tied metal to the torso to make it stay underwater. Indicating, that, this is and will remain a grisly homicide investigation.

Investigators noted that “damaged was noticeable on the body”  and it appeared that it may have been intentional.   Peter Madsen, uh, has since been charged with manslaughter pending a trial. Meanwhile,  authorities are having a tough time trying to piece together his story — as — it has changed at least five times as of this writing.

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