Germany was responsible for this horrific African genocide

Dating back more than 100 years ago.   This week saw historians jump on news that Namibia is seeking reparations from the German state over confirmations that Germany illegally took part in a mass African genocide in 1907. Historians uncovered that Germany took part in a horrific genocide in 1907 in Africa, where, they had actually cut the heads off of black people and brought them back to Germany.

The genocide surrounds Cornelius Fredericks, a legendary fighter, who was killed on Shark Island in Namibia in 1907.  Experts believe that the horrific event wiped out roughly 60,000 of the villagers at the time.

So, what gives? According to historians, Germany did such to study black people further lending street cred to their hopes of dominating white supremacy.  It is believed that this is the first and earlier known genocide of the 20th century.

Meanwhile, Germany cops to their crimes against humanity but not in a “legal way”.  Because, well, at the time in 1907 — this was entirely legal.  Officials in Namibia aren’t having it, and, have since demanded an apology; reparations, and acknowledgement of the horrific genocide.

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