ARUBA — Looks like Dave Holloway was looking to Hollo-his-way into some profits. According to the office of the prosecutor in Aruba,  the claim,  appears to be nothing more than a lie.  The claim was originally announced earlier this week ahead of a Saturday premiere in the U.S of a biopic documentary style film on her disappearance starring Dave and a private investigator.

The prosecutor’s office feels that Holloway “flat out lied” according to officials who wanted to remain anonymous.   There was no valid evidence of such that was submitted to the prosecuting office to indicate a find, but rather, the claim appears to be conveniently ahead of the premiere in a “desperate attempt to bolster ratings”.

The FBI has reportedly came out rejecting the claim from Holloway that any form of human remains were “sent to the U.S for testing”. Holloway claimed to the Huffington Post Friday that, uh, remains were “sent to an undisclosed lab for testing”.  This claim was also disputed by Aruba’s prosecuting office who noted that “the remains were actually those of animals”.

Dave Holloway did not return phone calls for comment.

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