A note from us regarding the rise of violent white supremacy

At The Daily News, we have always valued inclusion; diversity, and fun times. But lately, with the rise of Donald Trump and the White Nationalist movement — racist sentiments towards black people are on the rise.  On 19 August,  The Daily News held a private group meeting to determine that from here on out, white employees, are physically barred from discussing in any form or fashion the white nationalist movement. (this also goes for our minority employees, it’s a flat no. Don’t get caught).

We have a zero tolerance for discrimination; racism, or anything of that nature. As a super popular online blog and news site of various opinions; formats, discussions, and topics we try and include everybody and everything we possibly can.  With such, we’ve laid out some rules that are now public information following the deadly protests.

Effectively 19 August, employees are herein barred from discussing or taking part in the white nationalist movements and or protests in the United States or anywhere else that may suddenly find itself in the midst of a racist white movement.   Employees caught discussing any form of the movement or taking part in it whether in their personal lives or on social media (and dare be at work) we reserve the right as of this writing to immediately terminate their contract.

No questions asked.  Generally, we have always maintained a two strike system (a third gets you a visit from SHK).  But in this particular instance, given that we have more than five times black employees than we do white employees — we feel that it is necessary to take an extra precaution to protect our assets. We would do the same if the tables were turned and white people were in danger. But the point here is, we,  have a work environment of inclusion and friendliness. Regardless of skin color, the discussion over this topic is indefinitely banned.

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The only Daily News employees whom are permitted to discuss this topic are those whom already have written permission to write about it in the newspaper.  This new rule will be added into our employee policy and procedure notebook effective immediately.   Employees who disobey this rule acknowledge that by disobeying this rule (and because we are a private organization) we reserve the right to not only suspend and terminate an employee but we also reserve the right to take back a portion of the money in which we’ve funded them for their projects while with us.

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