This state’s execution powers are entirely out of control

LITTLE ROCK — The state of Arkansas has so much private execution power, that, there is actually a law on the books that prevents the public from knowing where the state actually gets its execution drugs.   The office of the Governor confirmed today that months after the state executed four men in the period of 8 days (it originally wanted to do 8 executions) another death row inmate is scheduled to die.

The new round of execution drugs reportedly expires in 2019, but, because of the unusual law on the books we were unable to confirm from the state where the new round of controversial drugs came from. It was reported last year that U.S states including Arkansas were allegedly getting their execution drugs from overseas.

The next to die? John Greene, who,  reportedly suffers from severe mental illnesses and delusions that the state is conspiring against him.   Federal court documents say that he has no stay in place, and,  the execution against Mr. Greene will proceed illnesses or not. He was convicted of murder in 1991.

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