DOJ serves web host with warrant for info on 1.3m website visitors to anti Trump website

Overreaching even by government standards.  According to a warrant obtained by multiple news outlets,  The White House and the DOJ, have ordered a warrant be served to  Dream Host web hosting services over  That website was a popular anti-Trump website that was hot during his inauguration in January.  While controversial, the website is and has been entirely legal under the U.S Constitution and the right to free speech in the United States.

Dreamhost says that the warrant is “unconstitutional” and that they intend to fight it. Apparently the DOJ actually served the warrant several months ago, but, tried to hide it by demanding that the web hosting company actually conceal the fact that they had been served.

Meanwhile,  a careful review of the website shows that nothing illegal had ever been posted. DOJ officials refused to comment on the story.

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