If you’ve ever taken part in popular apps online, uh, you’ve probably heard of Sararah. Sararah is a new popular app that appeared online in June.  Sararah allows users to receive anonymous messages from users of all kind including co-workers; friends, and even family members.

This is where it gets interesting. Within the app,  the user itself, cannot actually respond. The messages are entirely anonymous;  rather creative, and usually mean spirited.    According to the apps developer, the app actually started in Saudi Arabia.  Initially, the app was meant for co-workers and the like to share their thoughts and then talk about them.

Unfortunately, in typical fashion, the app quickly became a way for people to be mean to others.   Safety experts tell The Daily News that Sararah has “quickly become the new tool for bullying given that the app has not enabled the ability to respond to messages”.

Daily News’ Editor in Chief SHK actually has a Sararah page, and, we can definitely confirm that this app is being used for every purpose except what it was meant for.

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