HBO leak much larger than thought, Game of Thrones leaks online

The HBO leak just got a whole lot more interesting.  According to police and security agencies investigating the leak,  episodes; scripts, passwords, personal info, and e-mails leaked online.  At first, it, was just thought that a few scripts leaked online — but we’ve confirmed that so much more leaked online.

The Daily News is in possession of nearly a dozen of the scripts; 7 leaked episodes, and an episode summary. Although, we’ve already gotten threats from HBO on releasing any of the information. We are currently exploring options as to how to release the content.

In the scripts, Game of Thrones scripts for this week’s episode (and the next three), two episodes of Insecure, four more for Ballers, and a password to one particular execs e-mail (that will remain anonymous).   There appears to be some sort of hacker e-mailing the information out to numerous outlets, of those, ours.

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