OJ Simpson may get released from prison this week: Reports

After yet another long hard fought battle, uh, it appears perceived killer O.J Simpson may get his time of day once more.  According to reports, the convicted football legend is “set to go before a courtroom this week to determine whether or not he will be released from prison” for the first time in years.

The Daily News has learned exclusively that O.J Simpson has been preparing for this day for at least 8 months.   He was last denied parole in 2013 after a grand jury found that he wasn’t yet suitable to be released from prison. Meanwhile,  several media outlets across the spectrum are gunning for “high chances” for the former football legend to be released.

It could be accounted that the prosecutor who actually got Simpson locked up to begin with, believes, that he has a good chance of getting released. Assuming that he’s behaved himself in prison, I don’t think it will be out of line for him to get parole,” says David Roger, retired Clark County district attorney.

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