Here’s this week’s update on President Trump ‘s hopeful Obamacare repeal

Healthcare is the topic of the century in America right now.  With an ever-changing debate on the current state of healthcare in America, we’ve rounded up the latest on what’s happening in Washington.

First up,  longtime AZ Senator John McCain, 80, is no where to be found in Washington. The longtime controversial senator is  recovering at home after having a pretty unusual surgery performed. According to  McCain officials (in his office)  he underwent a minimally invasive surgery to have a minor blood clot above his left eye removed. His absence from Washington, to some, could potentially sink the ailing ship that is the GOP ‘s hope of repealing Obamacare.

Next,  President Trump “remains hopeful”  according to Washington insiders that sketchy Republicans who aren’t too keen on the current bill, will see, that “their concerns about Medicaid and various forms of the healthcare program” have been addressed.  Sources tell The Daily News that “it’s the conservatives nobody really hears about, that, are actually holding up the process here”  One Senator from Kentucky who preferred to remain anonymous says that “It’s a process that’s probably never going to end”.

Interestingly,  some other reports out Monday indicate that President Trump “may be willing to compromise” even further if it satisfies some of his most die-hard conservative supporters.   What kind of compromise that is, uh, remains almost unknown.

And finally,  a handful of GOP senators and politicians are still “deeply concerned” about the bill being an entire re-write of the healthcare law rather than a reformed better version of Obamacare.    In other news, some of the stipulations laid out in the healthcare bill are still causing some of the GOP’ers to jump from the Trump train as fast as they possibly can.

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