How to cancel your STARZ Subscription

We’re totally not being petty (and we’re not just saying that because we’re HBO subscribers)  but a question we’ve gotten a ton this week: How To Cancel a STARZ Subscription.     With that question, we decided to put together this handy-dandy little guide to cancel that subscription.

Amazon Subscribers

Please visit Amazon exclusively for this one guys.  Go to and login.  After logging in,  look under the manage my channels tab to find your subscription and hit cancel. 

iPhone Subscribers (Mac; iPad, etc)

This one’s fairly simple

  • Go to the settings menu of your iPhone
  • Tap on iTunes and App Store
  • Tap on Your Apple I.D
  • View Your Apple I.D
  • Wait for your screen to load
  • Tap on Subscriptions
  • Voila!  Select STARZ, and tap on cancel.

The most important…. directly through STARZ….

To cancel a STARZ direction subscription

  • Visit on a laptop or desktop
  • Log in (select HAVE STARZ; STARZ Streaming)
  • Select the Settings Icon on the right once you’ve logged in
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Hit Cancel
  • Voila!

*A STARZ direct subscription can only be cancelled on a laptop, if you haven’t read the teeny tiny fine print when you sign up you’ve probably never heard this piece of information. On any other device,  the cancellation button doesn’t actually come up.

A Google or Android Subscription / Play Store

  •  Visit the Google Play Store
  • Tap on the Three Small Lines on the Top Left/Right Side of the Screen
  • Scroll Down to Account
  •  Tap on Subscriptions
  • Voila! hit cancel, you’re done.

New: Samsung T.V Smart Subscriptions

Go to the home screen of your television

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Tap on the funny looking icon on the top right of the screen

Open up your payments and settings

You should be able to locate your subscriptions here, and hit the cancellation button.



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