It’s being hailed as the largest drug bust and medical fraud bust in American history. According to a DOJ spokesperson, some 412 people including 56 actual doctors in the U.S have been arrested and charged with pretty serious fraud charges.

According to the department,  some  300+ providers have now reportedly been banned from ever participating in Medicaid or Medicare after the massive  abuse fraud discovery.  Officials say that doctors spanning Florida to Michigan and at least two other states illegally wrote prescriptions for heavy drugs that normally wouldn’t get prescribed.

The fraud surrounds dozens and dozens of phony prescriptions written by dozens of doctors for opioids generally to people who came from strip clubs, or, perhaps would have been prone to become addicted to the drug.   Documents note that these doctors and their colleagues managed to scam the U.S government out of $1.3billion.  Interestingly, at least 56 of the 412 people were full blown physicians.

“Some doctors wrote out more prescriptions for controlled substances in one month than entire hospitals were writing,” the acting FBI director Andrew McCabe says.

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