More on the Greek murder of Bakari Henderson

In this 2016 photo provided by John Gramlich shows, Bakari Henderson, left, with friend Travis Jenkins, in Austin, Texas. Henderson, of Austin and recent graduate from the University of Arizona, was beaten to death early Friday, July 7, 2017, at a bar in Lagana on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Authorities haven't disclosed a possible motive for the attack, but eight people have been arrested. (Provided Photo/John Gramlich via AP)

The murder of Bakari Henderson has caused more questions than answers that are readily available.  Meanwhile, The Daily News has been digging deep into the moments leading up to his violent gang-beating that occurred outside of that now infamous Greek watering hole.

First, authorities refused to confirm or deny that  Bakari had “tried to hit on a bartender by asking her for a selfie” (it appeared as such in the original surveillance video, but was not clear enough for an absolute confirmation).    Police cited that an ongoing investigation is underway and that more details would be available soon.   Interestingly,   video footage of Bakari less than an hour before he entered the bar has landed in the hands of The Daily News from a parking garage it is believed that he parked in earlier in the day.

Who or what that parking garage belongs to, uh, remains unknown.   According to the video footage we obtained, Henderson, can be seen exiting the parking garage and was not seen again until he appeared on surveillance footage from inside the bar.    Witnesses that were inside the bar say that Henderson was “peacefully minding his business and calmly asked the waitress for a selfie”  the witness told The Daily News.

“He was very calm and respectful about it.  He was obviously interested in her, but, made no sudden movements to be creepy.   I could imagine that if you were to ask the men that murdered him, she, was probably  considered to be attractive by most of them — and therefore was “automatically off limits.

Police did however confirm that the video footage from the bar is actually authentic, and, it does appear to show Mr. Henderson being savagely beaten to death in less than 30 seconds (viewer discretion advised..).   All 6 of the men responsible for beating Henderson to death have been charged with first degree murder.

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