The UK is denying a terminally ill baby a chance at real help

And it’s infuriating.  According to health authorities,  a local baby doesn’t have the legal right to travel to the United States for help and treatment that could potentially change his life forever.   The Daily News has confirmed that that baby, has, been identified as  Charlie Gard.

Apparently health authorities and the home office are “convinced that treatment in the United States would be absolutely worthless and do nothing other than complicate his condition even further”.  Although, his parents seem to think otherwise.    Gard, reportedly has a rare medical condition that  results in him reliant on breathing machines and the like in order to properly breathe.

Meanwhile, United States President Donald Trump has chimed in on the matter offering to assist the family of Gard by coming to America for treatment for their baby.   In other news, The Daily News has contacted health authorities responsible for the reprehensible decision to block Gard from coming to America… this was the response.

“While the health of our citizens matters deeply, we, believe that any further treatment for Charlie Gard in  all ready complicated situation would become deeply troubling.   Treatment of any sorts at this particular point in his medical journey, would,  be by all means useless”  reads a statement from British health authorities in London.

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