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Proof of Life video surfaces in hostage terrorism situation: Officials

MALI —  African officials confirmed to The Daily News today that a proof of life video in connection to the disappearance of 6 western civilians (whom we now know to be terrorist hostages) has surfaced.  The video, which was subsequently delivered to The Daily News around 0345 hours this morning,   features all 6 hostages alive and well.

Mali extremists, per officials, are apparently behind the hostage ring. Officials say that the earliest kidnapped Sophie Petronin was kidnapped first and in 2011.  She has been missing for more than seven years until the video was dropped on Telegram and to various newspapers with links to the Muslim world.

The video comes as French President Emmanuel Macron is in the region to discuss anti-terrorism programs with numerous heads of state.    The narrator in the video can clearly be heard mentioning Macron, as, they said “We hope he steps up to their plate and saves the day”.

Meanwhile,  the office of the French President declined to comment on whether or not Macron would be making any sudden moves to aid in the freeing of the prisoners.

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