8-Year-Old California boy’s death “rushed” to harvest young organs

LOS ANGELES –  Los Angeles Authorities have confirmed to The Daily News that the death of an 8-year-old boy four years ago is now under investigation.   Officials say that the 8-year-old boy, who was taken off of life support at the UCLA Medical Center, “may have been the victim of a bizarre case of attempting to harvest his organs”.

According to documents obtained by The Daily News, Cole Hartman reportedly went into cardiac arrest some four years ago at the UCLA Center.  His parents, were, allegedly told at the time that he would “likely not return to regular neuro function” and decidedly chose to pull him from life support at that time.  Within 23 minutes of being removed from life support, docs, show that he died.  Police, er,  now have reason to believe that the UCLA Medical Center and Hartman ‘s parents “conspired to harvest his organs”.

Interestingly, Hartman during the time he was rushed to UCLA Medical Center was “in a coma and on life support” per medical documents obtained by The Daily News, but, weirdly was never brain dead.  Police claim that at the time of his death,  the hospital, claimed that he was indeed brain dead “and likely would not return to normal human functions”.

An investigator, Denise Bertone,  managed to crack the case wide open in December.  In December,  Bertone managed to get the death certificate of Cole changed after the discovery that he had an abnormal level of fentanyl in his system.  Bertone “found that unusual for someone his weight and so young”. The New York Times notes that under UCLA policy, it, is indeed “in accordance with their policy” to use such drugs in certain circumstances like Cole ‘s.

When Bertone managed to get his death certificate altered, it, wasn’t without much issue. Her superiors  attempted to silence her quest for justice for Cole, something, she never gave up on.   The changing, perhaps, launched a massive criminal investigation into what is now believed to be not only a wrongful death but a  chilling tale of negligence.

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Coupled with the documents we managed to obtain from the investigation, The New York Times, further discovered chilling pieces of information out of the UCLA scandal.

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