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Senate Intelligence Committee coming after Trump for private documents: Report

There’s also another Trump report out in the Washington post, also here,  which apparent documents have now apparently leaked online. Those documents, also in the form of a letter, revealed that two top officials in the committee, they, are requesting Trump related documents dating back to 15 June to produce.

In full.

The news comes just hours after it was revealed that Jared Kushner, uh, had allegedly decided to attempt to set up private communication streams with direct-access of Russia’s Kremlin government.   The report has as of this writing, apparently, (emphasis on the quotes),  been addressed and the entire statement has not made its way to our newsroom yet.

Both news pieces paint a very grim darkness shrouded over Washington right.  The U.S government has per recent polls, uh, seen its dive in public approval since Trump ‘s inauguration earlier this year.

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