Here’s more on that Trump, Russian intel we intercepted this month

Earlier this month, we brought to light a number of documents we intercepted in regards to the now well reported Scion Hotel Group.  A hotel group secretly sought and approved by The Trump Organization (and Trump himself) that now adds an additional umbrella to the growing Trump brand.

When we reported on that hotel group, it, had already begun to make its own headlines in various other publications.  What we didn’t report at the time, perhaps, was the fact that a Ukrainian born hacker had contacted The Daily News subsequently turning over the information in retrospect to the new hotel brand.

That same hacker, indeed, would turn up two weeks later in bombshell allegations  with photographic evidence of envelopes left with his initials on it in the Ukraine and in Moscow.  Those envelopes traced back to numerous payments totaling $10,000 and sometimes more  from the likes of Paul Manafort and Carter Page.   In exposes for The Daily News,   the Ukrainian hacker revealed that he was paid to help Manafort and his associates hide their ties to Russia.

Paul Manafort is unable to comment on the story because the same information we reported before a consulting firm once owned by Manafort was raided, is, now at the epicenter of an FBI investigation into the very same consulting firm.  Financial records; phone records, and travel documents are currently being sought from Paul Manafort in an effort to connect Donald Trump to Russia.

The initial intel confirmed that the Trump Organization secretly penned deals and negotiations for The Scion Hotel Group with the help of the Alterra Bank  during the Presidential elections.   This goes against everything Trump had ever claimed during the election, considering,  he had claimed that he would not use The White House to further his own business ambitions.

After intense vetting of the intel over the course of t he past week or so, we, have since discovered that we were actually sitting on information regarding the alleged tape of Donald Trump admitting that he would turn US policy in favor of Putin if he were elected.  We were first (appears, by the way) notified of the tape by the Ukrainian hacker who had passed on an opportunity to grab the tape not realizing it ever existed.

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Russian officials confirmed the existence of permits that allowed The Scion Group to  hold ground in Russia.  The permits, as we previously reported, were only actually done entirely as of like February.  The White House declined to comment on the story refusing to neither confirm nor deny the claims.



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