A Little History on the U.S Republican Party

Republicanism isn’t a bad thing.  Republicanism can actually be a good thing, if, you sort of form your own brand of it and wash away the phony Republicanism currently in Washington.  Whether you’re a staunch Republican or a moderate Republican, this, is for you.

Republicanism has been demonized as “alt-right”; pro-white, anti-black, you name it.  Okay, let’s dig deep into that. Did you know that Republicans were the ones to actually abolish slavery?  Yes, that’s a fact.

Democrats and the like have long spent ample resources and financial means to make it appear otherwise. But it’s not.   Democrats were actually the ones to fight FOR slavery, rather, than against it. Shocking, right? One would not know that given the current climate of fake news and propaganda from the Democratic Party.

As a newspaper, we consider ourselves both a mix of minor Liberalism but more Republican.  We have found that the larger we have gotten, people, are often curious about our political stance. This article, perhaps,  serves as one of the biggest reasons we do not identify as Democrat.

The Republican party pretty much began when America first found itself built.   People like Abraham Lincoln have long been associated with the Republican party, more often than not, because he   held similar beliefs to what others did at the time: pro-business; anti-slavery, and higher tariffs.  (those were just some of the common examples at the time).

These are some of the reasons you shouldn’t be ashamed to be Republican.  Our party was never what it is today: about money, personal agendas,  and division.   I account much of the differences between the party then-and-now to the creation of what would eventually become the mainstream media.  The media holds so much influence and often has an agenda of its own, that, people don’t know what to believe and will just take it in as is after seeing it in the papers four or five times.

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This is where the world went wrong with Republicanism.  We were once a pro-Black party that fought against slavery;  defended blacks. As shocking as this may seem to some, and,  here’s why.

Did you know that the leader of the Republican party (Lincoln) was elected in 1860 and during that election and succeeding period blacks were actually prominent members of the Republican party? Doesn’t seem very likely in modern day, mostly, given that now the Republican party is all about sexism; division, and conquering.

But, we now  have an America that is insistent on the spread of fake news demonizing those that aren’t feeble-minded sheep being led into a politically charged corner by the Democratic party. Why? The history of the Democratic party says allot.

They challenged the Republican party in the removal of slavery from American society.  A feat that, uh, today most Democrats in Washington would probably deny.  Perhaps where the party-favor in the U.S changed was the Great Depression.  With the beginning of The Depression, Republicans, lost their alarmingly high majority to the Democrats.

Maybe the rise of the Democrats could be accounted to  Franklin D. Roosevelt who helped the Democrats at a time in history form what would become a “New Deal” coalition.  This coliation came as a respons to the Republican’s much talked about victory in terms of the abolishment of slavery.

That fact alone right there ignited a political war in the United States with a Democratic party that felt that slavery should exist and that allowing slaves to have freedom wasn’t something that should happen.

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The argument stands. So why should people be allowed to make others feel bad for being Republican and or conservative?

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