Here are the latest revelations in the firing of James Comey

And they’re pretty eyebrow raising.  According to reports, James Comey not only got fired but he learned of his firing from television news reports.  The Atlantic reports that Comey was “at home watching television” when he learned  that he had been fired.  Per sources, Comey, had at  first believed that it was a “weirdly put, joke”.

Furthermore, a report from The New York Times, paints a very grim spat in Washington that apparently took place just before Comey’s firing.  The Times claims in a report that Comey had been “closing in on information regarding Trump” and had “asked for substantial more resources in the FBI ‘s  Russian investigation”.

That part, perhaps, has ignited fury among Democrats and people keen to see justice in the alleged meddling of Russia at the behest of Donald Trump.  Meanwhile,  some are wondering if Comey really did “close in” on information that could help in the attempted impeachment of Donald Trump.

The timing of Mr. Comey’s request is not clear-cut evidence that his firing was related to the Russia investigation,” says the Times in its assessment. “But it is certain to fuel bipartisan criticism that President Trump appeared to be meddling in an investigation that had the potential to damage his presidency.”

While indeed possible, and nearly credible in itself, the notion that Trump fired Comey over an FBI investigation into his doings with Russia is entirely speculation.

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