There’s a massive measles outbreak in Minnesota: Here’s What You Need To Know

And that’s according to a new report out today. A troublesome situation in Minnesota is just now making news after local health departments declared that a recent outbreak of measles could potentially be much worse than it was thought. 

According to disease and health experts in Minnesota, a recent outbreak by Somali-American immigrants, has reportedly caused room for concern. Officials say that since about February, uh, more than 34 cases of measles have sprung up across Minnesota.  “It’s going to be like a gas-and-match type situation soon” says one health expert.

Health experts are warning people to wash their hands;  steer clear of congested areas and filth, and remain distant from anybody  who they may believe is in tune with the disease. Officials confirmed that their efforts to get the word out about the disease have increased, specifically, among Somali-Americans and Somalia itself.  No word on how effective their television ads; new health partnerships, and a reported crackdown on Somali health checks upon entry into the U.S actually are.

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