EXCLUSIVE: #MacronGate hacks came from INSIDE Paris

FRANCE —  Troubling news in France tonight as thousands of leaked documents continue to make their way onto the internet.  According to the documents,   Macron, has allegedly  accepted international wire transfers; colluded with militant groups,  and  communicated with paid protest groups across the nation.

Macron ‘s campaign announced that they had been hacked hours before France’s  “blackout”  that remains legally enforceable until Sunday night around 9pm local time.   As of this time, neither Macron nor La Pen can actually comment on any of the leaks as of this point.  The blackout lawfully bans any new campaign statements or anything of the like from being made.

This information was  confirmed using information from  data contained with an upload to Pastebin.com provided  to The Daily News by Pastebin.com.  We have agreed to keep the identity of our source private in exchange for the information given the possible grave consequences this may have for the future of France. 

This is where it gets interesting.   The Daily News first discovered the Macron  e-mails leaks no less than 45 minutes ago.  At initial, we were skeptical of the e-mails because there  is much speculation that some of them are fake.

One of the addresses traces back to  a confirmed registered user with a GMX.com.de e-mail address. The file is tagged as the “original” uploader which we have traced back to the original Pastebin file that was used  and mentioned in the now numerous articles surrounding the e-mail leaks.


The initial  metadata file released to The Daily News  shows that the uploader of the information has been identified as the user with the e-mail address: frankmacher1@gmx.de (we’ll get to the second e-mail found and tagged deep within the metadata in a moment).

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The first e-mail,   has been traced back to the address in question.   As of this writing, we are working to confirm this, however,  it appears that the exact location of origin of one of the uploads came from a laundromat in Paris.  Who was inside of the laundromat during the time in which this was posted online, remains,  clear at this time to the reporters who uncovered this information.

There are pieces of the metadata and bulk uploaded file that we are still trying to translate.

The exact address of the building complex traced within this e-mail address and the metadata reverts back to  a laundromat in Paris.  The hack appears to have come from inside Paris.

This information has been exclusively uncovered by Bazaardaily.co.uk in a final bid before Sunday night to reveal the truth to French voters.  IF this information in its exact form as soon here is seen anywhere else, it has been copied from our source. 

What you are about to see below is the second identified e-mail address as the 2nd and final uploader of Emmanuel Macron ‘s leaked Presidential campaign e-mails.

<subject>Macron</subject><publicdate>2017-05-05 14:06:04</publicdate><uploader>frankmacher1@gmx.de</uploader><addeddate>2017-05-05

The above information comes directly from  Metadata used by the uploaders to leak the information regarding Macron ‘s e-mails.

We are attempting to further  retrieve the remaining information still present from the 1gb metadeta file on this e-mail address.  This e-mail has been like we’ve said before tagged as the originating uploader.  The information we’ve currently discovered indicates that this was a homegrown attack on Emmanuel Macron.

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This is part 1 into our expose on the leak of Emmanuel Macron ‘s leaked Presidential e-mails.    In our next update momentarily this evening,  we are prepared to leak even further information as to  how it happened;  the authenticity of some of these documents,  and what Pastebin.com has to say about the leak. 




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